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A person’s perception is their reality which is guided by their perspective. Therefore, opening ourselves to diverse perspectives makes for richer conversations, better relationships, greater creativity and better solutions.

Yet most decisions are guided by our biases and the loudest voices. Therefore we seek information that supports our decisions (‘confirmatory bias’). Even the internet algorithms enable this behaviour by keeping us in our information bubble.

Mysteries In Colour™ Process

The Mysteries In Colour™ process surfaces rich and diverse perspectives in any room through creativity and pareidolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə), a fun psychological phenomenon.

Sharing perspectives creates a better understanding of each other, leading to more collaboration, better ideas and fewer conflicts.

The Mysteries In Colour™ is an imaginative, fun and nonjudgemental way to see another’s point of view, which helps build empathy and a human connection.

The process opens up your mind to different solutions and wakes up the inner child. The Mysteries In Colour™ process can also be used to practice mindfulness through creativity, reduce stress, or just for fun.

The Author

The Mysteries In Colour™ process was years in the making but came to life during the ‘stay at home’ restrictions of the Pandemic.

Mazarine Memon, an Indo-Canadian mixed-media artist and mindfulness practitioner, combined ‘Pareidolia’ (a psychological phenomenon) with her ‘inkblot’ creative process and tested it as a way to keep her friends engaged and connected remotely.

The process was a hit with her social circle! So in 2021, Mazarine published Mysteries In Colour™ the world’s first art workbook with no lines to colour within and launched a series of corporate and social workshops.

The success of the corporate team-building workshops is attracting interest from hundreds of potential ambassadors worldwide to host and facilitate this concept in their cities.

The Team

Mazarine Memon

Mazarine Memon

Artist & Facilitator, Canada & USA

Mazarine is a Canadian neo-impressionist artist of Indian-Iranian ancestry. She earned an applied arts degree from the prestigious Sophia College, Bombay, and trained at Central ST. Martin’s College of Art in London.

She started her career as an Advertising Art Director but soon realized that her passion was creating art, so she quit Advertising to become a professional artist and mindfulness practitioner.

Her work has shown in over 40 solo and group exhibitions in 15 countries and has won several awards. In addition, Mazarine is the creator of the Mysteries in Colour ™ book and the team-building and social workshop process.

Margot White

Margot White

Coach & Facilitator, Canada

Margot is also a popular trainer and instructor. She has coached artists, executives, and others on delivering authentic presentations and how to work successfully with the news media.

In addition, she has also taught writing, communications planning, and crisis communications courses to adult learners at post-secondary institutions in B.C. and Ontario. She excels at building teams and fostering creativity in the workplace.

Margot’s approach to working with Mysteries in Colour draws on her lifelong passion for the arts, combined with over 17 years of leadership experience in the corporate sector, which includes tourism, consulting, engineering and healthcare.

Outside work, she enjoys spending as much time as possible in Nature and photographing the beauty in the world around her.

Marina Emphietzi Harris

Marina Emphietzi Harris

Artist & Facilitator, UK and Cyprus

Marina is a contemporary Greek Cypriot artist born in Cyprus. She has lived in the Middle East and Africa but calls the UK her forever home.

She was formally trained by Master Shakeel, a hyper-realistic artist and at the Central ST. Martin’s College of Art in London. Marina is also an accredited Strategic Planning Consulting in Arts Management.

Marina has exhibited in over 30 solo and group exhibitions in numerous countries. Her works can be found in many private collections and are a proud part of the public collection of Nicosia National Gallery, and have won several awards.

Lynee ́  Lopez

Lynee ́ Lopez

Educational Architect & Faciliator, USA

Lynee ́ is an educational architect and early childhood specialist with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles. Known for her team-building style and expertise in early childhood education, she helps schools create equitable learning environments by developing effective leadership, instructional practices, and securing funding sources.

Lynee ́ passion for art, nature, and travel fuels her belief in their power to inspire creativity and foster connections. She holds an undergraduate degree in Art History, which has shaped her love for storytelling. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and road trips. Lynee ́ also supports parents, educators, and leaders outside the classroom through Hypnobreathwork coaching.

With her wealth of knowledge and dedication to educational excellence, Lynee ́ brings a unique perspective to the Mysteries in Colour Workshop, enhancing participants’ understanding and promoting their growth.


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