Mysteries in Colour™ Workshop

A team building workshop on perspectives

Mysteries in Colour™ Workshop

A team building workshop like no other!

The Perspectives Workshop

Foster Creativity, Collaboration & Wellness

The Perspectives Workshop

Childlike fun with tangible takeaways

A Unique, Fun and Engaging  Creative Experience for your Team

Boost Collaboration

Nurture Empathy

Promote Wellness

Foster Creativity

A Unique and Engaging  Creative Experience for your Team


the Psychological Phenomenon

Pareidolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə) is our tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Seeing a dragon in a patch of clouds, a face on the moon, a bear in the stars, and a clown in a mud splatter are examples of Pareidolia.









What do you see?









What do you see?









What do you see?

Corporate and Social Workshops


Team Building Workshops

  • Boosts morale, team spirit and workplace wellness
  • Invites diverse perspectives for better decision making
  • Encourages collaboration and sharing of diverse viewpoints
  • Promotes creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Stimulates creativity during planning and brainstorming sessions

Fun ice-breaker for new and virtual employees. Excellent for team building, planning sessions, lunch and learn, and office parties.


Team Building Workshops

The Mysteries In Colour™ are fun and engaging workshops that creatively demonstrate the diversity of perspectives in any team.

The workshops help foster collaboration, empathy, wellness, and creativity with tangible workplace benefits like:

  • Better decision-making and higher productivity
  • Stronger relationships and open communication
  • Reduces conflicts, reduces stress and builds morale
  • Imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving

The workshops are great ice-breakers for new and virtual employees and are also excellent for team building, planning sessions, lunch and learn, and office parties.


Fun Playshops

  • Imaginative and creative fun
  • Wake up the inner child in everyone
  • Learn to see the world with a creative lense
  • Enjoy diverse perspectives with pareidolia
  • Learn creative meditation and bust stress

Fun ice-breaker at parties, great for soirees, mixers, get-togethers and game nights, for relaxing or practicing mindfulness.

Combine with wine, cheese and friends for even more fun!


Engaging and helpful...

“I found the workshop very engaging and helpful! It reminded me that different perspectives are not only expected but welcome – as I was fascinated to see what others saw, but I could not. Furthermore, this workshop helped me redefine creativity – it's not only about drawing, painting, etc., but also about our own strengths and experiences.”

Rosa Dragonetti, Psychotherapist & Researcher, CAMh


"...It was fascinating to see how each person can see the same thing differently. It was a fun exercise which sparks your imagination and creativity..." 

Dr. Anoop Madhok, Professor of Business, Schulich School of Business, York University 

One of the best I've attended. ...

"This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It's was so interesting to see how people interpret the same picture in different ways. I will definitely use what I took away to practice mindfulness and nurture my creativity...“  

Zoe Lee, HR Consultant Sun Life Canada

Unique and engaging...

"I highly recommend the Mysteries in Colour workshop for any group looking for a unique and engaging creative experience. Everyone had fun and appreciated the chance to see a different side of their colleagues." 

Jessica Ash, Director – Sales Compensation, Sun Life Financial

Huge success...

The Mysteries In Colour workshop for our North America leadership team in Washington, DC., was a huge success! It was a relaxed, playful, and non-judgmental atmosphere. The inkblot methodology helped our team of engineers and leaders let their imagination take over. This was one of the most practical team-building activities that I have been a part of..." 

Ashish Mahadwar, Chief Operating Officer, Microland, USA

Igniting the imagination...

 'Mysteries of Colour' is a new, fun-filled, creative, thought-provoking workshop. The abstract inkblots offer as many opportunities for interpretation as the perspectives in the room, igniting the imagination in a thoughtful but lighthearted setting!   

Sundri Sengupta, Vice President of Human Resources, Signal Hill Equity Partners

Let your mind wander...

“This was a great way to have a little fun with colleagues and friends while being able to let your mind wander in new directions. Thank you."

Jane-Michèle Clark, President, The Q Group

Activated parts of my brain...

“What a fantastic workshop! I am sure everyone at some time has seen images in clouds etc. but learning that pareidolia is an actual neuroscience phenomenon was very interesting. The activities in the workshop activated parts of my brain that hadn't been utilized in some time, and it felt great. 

Melanie De Bie, Tidal Commerce

Allowed me to think creatively...

"The workshop totally transformed my afternoon and took me somewhere other than my regular day-to-day work and allowed me to think creatively and have fun with my colleagues. Thanks again for a great experience!

Julia Lecce, Manager, Nicotine Dependence Clinic, CAMh

Fun and stimulating...

"The workshop was skillfully facilitated to make the exercises approachable for even the less creative among us. It was fun, stimulating, and, just as importantly, allowed us to have insights about the way our colleagues think that were previously unknown." 

 Sarwar Hussain, Director of Innovation, Operations & Strategy CAMh

Allowed us to play together...

"Engaging the creative side of our leadership team was especially hard during WFH restrictions. We had a small window of opportunity to meet in the same room for this workshop, and I am so glad we did. It allowed us to play together and recognize that we need to be open to different perspectives and build on them to deal with uncertainty and develop insights."

 Dr. Peter Selby, Clinician Scientist, Addictions Division, CAMh

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