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Nurturing Critical Thinkers & Innovators through Movement & Creativity

Movement & Art Based Learning: Enhance Critical Thinking & Collaboration -'Schools & Businesses'

Unleash Potential Through Movement & Art: We empower both students and professionals with critical thinking, collaboration skills, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion (EDI) through our engaging Pareidolia methodology. Our innovative programs, tailored for schools and the corporate sector, utilize movement and artistic expression to unlock creativity, challenge perspectives, and build the collaborative skills needed for success in any environment.

The two pillars of our program

Empower Educators. Empower students

Our Mysteries in Colour™ school program offers a unique journey beyond textbooks. Harnessing the power of Pareidolia (inkblots), we promote social-emotional development with EDI principals-empowering students to embrace diverse viewpoints for growth.

Active Minds. Engaged Teams.

Discover the Power of Movement & Perspective: Our interactive workshops promote creativity, well-being, and cultivate a culture of collaboration. Utilizing Pareidolia, we enhance empathy, drive innovation, and reduce conflict for a more productive and engaged workplace.

Mysteries In Colour™ Workbook

This first-of-its workbook harnesses the power of Pareidolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə) using inkblots. 

The Pareidolia methodology surfaces unique interpretations in seemingly random patterns, inspiring creativity, sparking productive discussions and fostering empathy.

The workbook is a cornerstone for the corporate workshop and school programs.



What can our team implement immediately that will have profound benefits after completing the workshop?

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How does movement enhance team creativity and innovation in the workshop?

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How does this workshop address potential skepticism or resistance from team members?

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I am not comfortable with physical activity. What accommodations can I expect?

All our activities will have accommodations for all levels of abilities. The activities are challenged by choice, meaning they will be 'Mild' and 'Differentiated' for your level of comfort and ability.

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