Enhance Classroom Vitality

Build teacher and student capacity for more inclusive, resilient and collaborative learning communities.

The Mysteries in ColourTM School Program is a transformative program for teachers that integrates the fascinating concept of Pareidolia into your school community's teaching toolbox.

Drawing on the Power of Art for Integrating Equality, Diversity & Inclusion through Student Agency.

Mysteries in Colour is an online, self-paced course providing professional development to help teachers create a student learning environment where every student feels safe and included. Our program offers this through activities championing equality, diversity, and inclusion through student empowerment..

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'About Me, About Us, Together We Thrive and Learn to Trust'

Social & Emotional Learning for more inclusive classroom communities

Learn to See

Use a unique creative approach to foster appreciation of diverse perspectives.

About Me

Create more authentic and focused learning environments through increased self-awareness.

About Us

Strengthen relationships within the classroom community by revealing personal connections to nature, colour and literature.

Together we thrive

Cultivate a more positive mindset towards problem solving, teamwork and collective wellbeing.

Beyond the classroom

Adopt and embed EDI in a natural way that suits the unique culture and context of the school and its wider community.

Mysteries in Colour School Program

Take your next steps towards exceptional classroom vitality


Does this program require artistic skills?

Absolutely not! Mysteries in Colour™ empowers educators, regardless of artistic background, to unlock student creativity and critical thinking. The program focuses on fostering observation, imagination, and diverse perspectives.

Can this program be used outside the classroom?

Yes! We leverage Pareidolia (finding shapes in objects) to encourage lifelong observation skills. Students will be empowered to connect with their environment and identify familiar forms in nature, sparking curiosity beyond the classroom walls.

Are inkblots the only activity?

While inkblots are the foundation, we offer a diverse toolkit! Educators receive downloadable resources including a comprehensive workbook, printable inkblots, and engaging activity sheets to keep students excited and foster a love of learning.

What grade levels is this program suitable for?

Mysteries in Colour™ is adaptable for Kindergarten through Grade 12! It promotes design thinking skills, a crucial asset for students of all ages. Design thinking fosters problem-solving, creative thinking, and collaboration – all highly sought-after skills in today's world.

What materials are required?

The program utilizes readily available classroom supplies! Upon enrollment, educators receive a welcome package with a workbook, colored pencils, and access to downloadable resources, allowing for immediate implementation with minimal investment.

How can this program benefit my curriculum?

Mysteries in Colour™ transcends subject boundaries! It encourages observation, critical thinking, and diverse perspectives, strengthening learning across your entire curriculum. By fostering these essential skills, educators can equip students for success in any subject area.

Meet the team

Mazarine Memon

Creative Innovation Coach

With 20+ years of experience as a professional artist and mindfulness practitioner, Mazarine brings a unique perspective to coaching creative invocation.  

Mazarine is the author of the "pareidolia psychology" based book and workshop 'Mysteries in Colour" which helps teams understand the power of diverse perspectives, collaboration, and bonding.

Having lived on three continents, she deeply understands the power of diverse perspectives and how to cultivate them within teams.

Her interactive workshops help individuals find the extraordinary in the ordinary, leading to increased creativity, mindfulness, and productivity.

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Her unique methods, built on the transformative power of Pareidolia, go beyond igniting creativity. They foster critical thinking, enhance focus, and cultivate present-moment awareness, making her sessions both engaging and impactful.

As a Creative Innovation Coach, Mazarine specializes in transforming the corporate landscape into a vibrant and productive environment where diverse perspectives and collaborative problem-solving thrive.

Jasmine Stevens Wong

Transformative Program Creator

Jasmine is an experienced educator with over 20 years in Further Education and Training and designs capacity-building programs globally for the non-profit sector.

Jasmine brings a holistic and inclusive approach to the design of engaging learning programs for both teachers and students. Her programs have empowerment and personal transformation at the core.

Jasmine brings a holistic and inclusive approach to the design of engaging learning programs for both teachers and students with empowerment and personal transformation at the core.

Ted Temertzoglou

Wellness & Healthspan Coach

Ted is a Health and Physical Education (HPE) practitioner certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and a leader in elevating corporate wellness.

As the president of Life is Athletic, Ted provides educational services in health & physical education, staff and student mental health and social-emotional learning.

Ted crafts and implements strategies transcending conventional programs, fostering healthier, happier, and high-performing teams through small lifestyle tweaks for profound results.

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