Mysteries In Colour ™ Workbook

Find Focus. Spark Creativity. See Perspectives.

Seeking to elevate team engagement and Collaboration?

Mysteries in Colour goes beyond conventional methods. Move beyond the boardroom with our expertly facilitated workshops. Combine engaging physical activities with thought-provoking inkblots to stimulate creative thinking, challenge perspectives, and build stronger team bonds. Watch the film and discover how Mysteries in Colour can enhance team dynamics and unlock groundbreaking results.

What's Pariedolia?

The Mysteries In Colour (TM) process takes advantage of the neuroscience psychological phenomenon called Pariedolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə) is our tendency to see familiar shapes in a random visual pattern and objects.

See a bear in a patch of clouds, a face on burnt toast, a smiley in your coffee are examples of Pariedolia.

Pariedolia, is a remanant of our survival instinct developed from when our ancestors were hunters and gathers.

Why Inkblots?

World’s first ‘colour-outside-the-lines’ art book to bring fun and intrigue into your mindfulness practice. Created by an award-winning artist and mindfulness practitioner, it’s the only colouring workbook based on pareidolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə), our tendency to see familiar shapes in a random visual pattern.

There are 24 gorgeous abstract inkblots to bring to life and make your own. It’s a perfect self-care, mindfulness or wellness gift for yourself or anyone who needs relaxation and stress relief without the extra rules.

Don’t colour by numbers or within the lines; be free. Unleash your creativity, reconnect with your inner child, and surprise yourself.

How to use the book

Pick an inkblot , study it and discover familiar forms like faces, animals, flowers or objects visible only to you. Find a hint of something familiar and use a colour pencil or crayon to define it the way you see fit.

Delight in seeing your loved ones or colleagues’ unique perspectives when the same inkblot becomes a series of different images during group work.

Finally start enjoying your self-care, mindfulness or creativity practice and begin to actually look forward to the sessions.

A powerful mindfulness tool, this unique concept of a book combines creativity with observation and personal interpretation and is a perfect gift for women, men, grandparents, children, work colleagues, friends and anyone who has ever felt a jolt of joy upon recognizing a familiar image in a shapeless cloud in the sky.

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Is 'Mysteries in Colour' just a colouring book?

While colouring is a core element, 'Mysteries in Colour' goes beyond a traditional colouring book. It utilizes the engaging world of abstract inkblots to spark creativity and divergent thinking in a corporate setting. This mindfulness workbook encourages you to see things from new perspectives, fostering team collaborations and problem solving skills.

I am not an artistic person. Can I still benefit from this corporate creativity workbook?

Absolutely! 'Mysteries in Colour' is designed for everyone, regardless of artistic experience. There are no rigid rules or expectations. It's about embracing your unique way of seeing the world and fostering mindfulness in a fun and accessible way.

How can 'Mysteries in Colour' benefit my team?

This corporate creative tool offers a multitude of benefits for your team;

1 Boost creativity and generate fresh ideas: Spark brainstorming sessions with thought-provoking inkblots and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

2 Promote stress relief and mental breaks: Take a quick 5-minute mindfulness activity with colleagues to recharge and refocus during busy days

3 Enhance collaboration and team-building: Offer engaging and interactive workshops that encourage communication and connection within your team

Can I use 'Mysteries in Colour' on my own?

'Mysteries in Colour' is versatile! It's perfect for both individual mindfulness exercises and fun group activities with colleagues. Whether you need a moment of stress relief or a creative pick-me-up, this book is your companion.

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