Mysteries In Colour ™

An art workbook for practicing mindfulness through creativity

Mysteries In Colour ™

The world's first 'colour-outside-the-lines' art workbook

Mysteries In Colour ™

Think imaginatively like a child again

Mysteries In Colour ™

Discover ♦ Imagine ♦ Create

Therapy For Your Mind

Practice mindfulness, unleash your creativity, detox from digital, relax and have fun.

Stop colouring inside the lines, literally and metaphorically with this unique adult colouring book and learn to see the world imaginatively like a child again.

Join the millions who practice mindfulness through creativity.

Using Pareidolia to Unleash Creativity

An adult colouring book like no other!

Pareidolia: The Psychological Phenomenon

The Mysteries In Colour ™ process takes advantage of the neuroscience psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia.

Pareidolia (per-ˌī-ˈdō-lē-ə) is our tendency to see familiar shapes in a random visual pattern and objects.

Seeing a dragon in a patch of clouds, a face on burnt toast, a guitar in a constellation of stars, a smiley in your coffee are examples of Pareidolia.









What do you see?









What do you see?









What do you see?

How To Solve The Mysteries In Colour™?


Pick an inkblot from the book and engage your inner child to look for a hint of familiar shapes like humans, animals, flowers, landscapes or objects.


Once you find a clue to a familiar shape, use colour pencils or crayons to define the shape in your own way so that it pops and becomes visible.

Imaginative, Engaging and Relaxing

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"Incredibly powerful concept that helps release stress and stretch creativity…

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"Incredible powerful concept that helps release stress and stretch creativity…"

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Feed Your Soul. Heal Your Mind

Relax and unwind with a page from the Mysteries In Colour™ book.

Unleash your creativity. Think imaginatively like a child again and free yourself from ‘grown-up’ rules.

See beyond the obvious. Look at problems from different perspectives and discover unconventional solutions.

Control your mind. Practice mindfulness through creative meditation and tune out daily stresses and distractions.

A daily dose of digital detox is healthy. Take a therapeutic break to destress, connect with your inner-self and keep your mind from wandering.

A Look Inside The Book

Mysteries In Colour ™

This 68-page art workbook is printed on high-quality paper and saddle-stitched to stay open flat while you work on it.

Each of the 24 inkblots is printed on a single side and perforated, so you have the option of detaching it from the book to work on it and frame your masterpiece!

The premium uncoated paper enables your pencil to glide effortlessly over the inkblots.